Monday, August 16, 2010

On a scale of 1-10, YOU are an 11

Thanks Candra ( ) for this great idea! Hopefully it will be a good waste of my time while he's away.

The 10 I like...The top 10 things I like to do since Brenden is out of town.

#1. Sleep in the middle of the bed- Which includes taking up ALL the blankets and all 6 pillows. Somehow I find a way to use every single one at the same time.

#2. Take up the whole fridge with chic food. Normally I buy foods that Brenden and the boys eat and very rarely have the foods that I like (which coincidentally are the ones that keep me skinny).

#3. Lose weight- I know I could be using this time to eat an entire package of chips ahoy with chocolate milk every night and have no one judge me but for some reason I am compelled to look AMAZING the next time I see my man. BTW- I'm down 8 lbs since he left. Yes! what can I say? I like to impress him.

#4. Leave my clothes laying EVERYWHERE :)

#5. Go 5 days in a row without wearing a stitch of makeup. Not that he cares even when he is home but, ya know... now it's even MORE optional.

#6. Stay up late talking on the phone with him. It makes us feel like we're teenagers again.

#7. Spend hours in the bathroom- trimming, clipping, filing, powdering, exfoliating, brushing, polishing, tweezing- without anyone noticing.

#8. Watch the Kardashians every time it's on (even though i've seen every episode multiple times) without being judged.

#9. Sell his stuff on ebay. Just kidding ,babe. Making sure you're listening ;)

#10. Get twice the love from Ezra & Kingston since they have a quota and I'm the only one around.

The 10 I don't...The top 10 things I hate about Brenden being out of town.

#1. I have to take the trash out myself. Boo!

#2. I really don't mind sharing the bed all that much.

#3. I like having someone to get dressed up for. Or wait... get dressed at all for. The other day I took a shower and put on a little makeup just to skype.

#4. There are so many days that he gets up with the boys and lets me sleep in.

#5. I love watching movies with him late at night when the kids are asleep. It's when I'm watching something funny, I start laughing and am suddenly aware of how alone I am.

#6. He picks up every single toy from the living room floor before he relaxes at the end of the day. "what a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man..."

#7. He rubs my back every night while I fall asleep. Generally without asking for anything in return. He's a saint, I know.

#8. Grocery shopping with no kids. It's just SO much easier when I can leave them home. Can I get an amen?

#9. I have no one to blame but myself for the mess in the bathroom.

#10. Sex. Chocolate just isn't cutting it.

I originally started writing this thinking it would help me not miss Brenden as much BUT I quickly found the things I miss far out weigh the things I "get" to do when he's gone. He's an amazing husband and father. He treats me SO good all the time and I hate being away from him. I don't just miss my husband I miss the greatest friend I've ever had.

I just had a conversation with my mom today about how I get bored easily. I have these great ideas, start them and then before it's barely off the ground I'm bored and looking for the next idea. Makeup artist, papery, getting certified to be a personal trainer, party planer, sarah's bags... the list goes on. The one thing I haven't gotten bored with is him. He's been my best friend for nearly 15 years. We like shopping together, can almost always agree on movies, where to eat, where to live, how to raise our kids. We talk about everything and fight about nothing. Not that we don't have our disagreements but we complete each other. And can always come to an agreement that works for everyone. Maybe one day I'll find "my thing" that's not just a little hobby but I know for sure he will always be my favorite thing that stuck :)


  1. i thought your lists were hilarious. #10 on the do's was my favorite, the #10 on don'ts was...TMI, LOL.

    hope the time passes quickly for you.

  2. You know, there are jobs where you start the idea and pass it off to someone-I just can't remember what they are called. It's not a flaw, you're the starter and then move onto the next thing to start. I'll have to ask Dave, he'll remember.